I created Fleur De Lis(Lilly Flower) as a virtual archive to showcase my penned down thoughts about various topics of discussion that revolve around the World of Fashion. This space is also outlet for a strongly opinionated yet open-minded person like myself (yes, it’s possible to be both!) to indulge in the therapeutic art of writing and enable readers to experience the power of the written word. I hope you find my content engaging and thought provoking. Cheers!

Naimisha Nagoji
° Fashion Cognoscente ° Sci-Fi Monger ° Conspiracy Theorist ° Avocational Content Writer ° Full-Time Memer ° Psuedo Blogger ° Voracious-ish Book Reader ° Self-Confessed Foodie ° Maker of Tasty Sustenance °

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Hello There! Here’s a little anecdote about my journey…

My fascination with fashion began when I was around 5 years old. I sat wide eyed and jaw dropped to the floor as I started noticing colorful fabrics and flowy gowns donned by women on TV and tall mannequins towering over me as I peered through the shiny glass windows… Continue Reading

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